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Our House Living and Learning Center will arrange for transportation services going to our facility. We will inform our clients of the schedule for pick-up so that they can be at the learning center in time for the activities they’ve signed up for.

We can also arrange for transportation that brings our participants back home. We do our best to safely transport your developmentally disabled loved ones to and from Our House Living and Learning Center.

Our House Transportation will coordinate with your Service Coordinator to arrange for transportation services going to and from our facility. We will inform our Consumers and Family’s of the schedule for pick-up, so that they can arrive at the learning center in time for their classes and activities.

Our House Transportation will Safely deliver your loved one to their destination and make sure their appropriate reception has been secured.

Our House Transportation is dedicated to providing excellent quality service to all of its riders.  This is reflected in both our mission and vision statements –

Mission Statement

Our House Transportation promotes access to transportation for Disabled individuals to and from thier homes, schools, work place, and regional centers.

Vision Statement

Our House Transportation Services serves the community as the leader in promoting accessible and innovative transportation solutions.  We accomplish this vision by –
Providing quality, efficient and dependable ADA paratransit service.
Leading the national dialogue as an advocate for universal access to transportation.
Partnering with other entities to secure alternate funding sources and legislation that expands transportation options.
To ensure this commitment to quality we have developed codes of conduct for our, drivers, and riders.

Drivers’ Code of Conduct

Provide quality customer service by being professional, courteous, and respectful at all times.
Provide the best quality curb-to-curb service; not door-to-door. Drivers will assure quality service by stopping at curb as close as possible to pick-up/drop off location, without having to enter any private residence or buildings.

Offer an appropriate level of assistance as needed or requested to all riders, by assisting riders when boarding and disembarking the vehicle from the sidewalk.
Ensure that all passengers are wearing seat belts at all times while vehicle is in motion.
Maintain a clean and odorless vehicle and refraining from smoking on duty.
Preserve a safe environment for riders by limiting distractions and refraining from using cell phones, pagers, music devices, and other communication devices that will prevent drivers from providing the best quality service possible.

Drive safely and respecting the laws of the road by driving in a considerate manner and not under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs, narcotics or other illegal drugs.
Maintain a professional appearance, good hygiene and grooming standards by limiting excessive jewelry, make-up, hairstyles, body piercing, and tattoos while on duty.
Treat all riders with the best quality service by following all requirements associated with wheelchair securement and the provision of service to service animals.

Riders’ Code of Conduct

No eating, drinking or smoking on vehicles.
No riding under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
No weapons or firearms on vehicles.
No abusive, threatening or obscene language or actions toward drivers, passengers, or other Our House Transportation employees.
Must maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene.
No operating or tampering with any equipment while on board an Our House Transportation vehicle. This rule includes operating a hydraulic lift and attempting to remove wheelchair “tie-downs.”
No radios, cassette tape players, compact disc players or other sound-generating equipment are to be played without the use of earphones aboard the vehicles, except electronic devices used for communication by the rider.