About Us

We are all about the value of the person! Our House Living and Learning Center believes that all of us have a role in the community we live in. The families of our developmentally disabled consumers already realize the worth of their loved one.

With that, our programs take form from such principle and push further to integrating these individuals into the community. We hope that in time, the rest of society will welcome our consumers.

Our House Living and Learning Center is a provider of specialized programs for the developmentally disabled. Given the proper training and exposure to various forms of educational methods, arts and drama, we believe that they can overcome their disabilities and still live an equally meaningful life among friends and family in the community.

Positive Reinforcement

Often students with multiple disabilities have difficulty dealing with and expressing frustration, anger and negative feelings. Those with cognitive deficits may have difficulty processing information and making appropriate behavioral choices. Our goal is to teach these students the skills necessary to problem solve and make appropriate decisions that will help them succeed academically, behaviorally, and socially.

To positively reinforce good choices, a school-wide behavioral program utilizing a point system enables students to earn points and gain greater levels of privilege. Points can be earned each class period or lost for following directions, appropriate language and behavior, academic effort, individual goals, and readiness for class work. Earning a set amount of points raises students to higher behavior levels and greater rewards. Students on the highest behavior levels are treated to school parties, time in the school clubhouse, and special off-campus activities and field trips. Our students work hard to earn the extra privileges that come with additional points.

Our House Living and Learning Center will work to preserve the rights of our consumers. They deserve our support as they work to integrate themselves in the neighborhood we share. We invite you to take part in our programs. You can also call us at 310-763-4998 and inquire about enlisting your developmentally disabled loved one in our training programs and activities.